GOAT Tools Token

All you need to create-launch-moon your project with confidence!

GOAT Tools is more than just a project, it's a one stop platform and a series of TG bots that'll be powerful marketing tools. Each generating income that'll make this a deflationary token like no other! There's no end to the amount of bot marketing tools we will create. We are constantly assessing this space and what new tools we can bring to it and can give devs everything they could possibly need from creation-launch-moon! With confidence and tools that bring serious results!

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About GOAT Tools Token Project

We will do a full assessment of your project covering all fundamentals.

GOAT History

My personal brand "GOAT" has been spreading as a marketer, caller and dev. I am getting busier and busier as a marketer and caller offering every possible service at the best prices.
So it's time to showcase my brand in the form of a deflationary ETH token in partnership with VNetworkOfficial launchpad. I am their official and only marketer and we will work in partnership together. This will be an investment in me and my fast growing brand.

GOAT Tools Token

GOAT Tools Token is a Deflationary token launching on the Ethereum network. It has a unique reward mechanism for our privatesale floor holders and brand ambassadors. This gives us really solid foundations and sets us up to have a really strong chart and an active, effective brand awareness campaign.
coupled with the deflationary aspect of a very heavy buyback and burn rate funded through my marketing and BSC/ETH trending bot profits.

GOAT Services

I am not your average caller, i don't just call your project. Me and my team will do a full assessment of your project covering all fundamentals. I then work with you on whatever budget you have to apply my knowledge and expertise helping you lay fundamentals that may not already be in place and gain exposure through a mix of paid and none paid marketing methods.
I can work as closely as you want me to whether it be in your core team as CMO or just an advisor you call upon. Once you take a call from me i will always be there for you and offer my long term support.

Economy Model

We will put 50% of my marketing and call channel profits into buybacks and burn it causing a rapid decrease in supply and a fast supply shock, this project is me and will be alive for as long as i am in the space and that will be for many years to come yet. Having spent the last 3 years networking and building a huge amount of contacts for everything imaginable in this space.

GOAT Tools Services

Don't know where to start in a Crypto project? We've got the best tools to help you to start!

Telegram trending bot to rival BSC trending

We all know how hard it is to get a slot on BSC trending, trying for hours and and hours to no avail. That's call a gap in the market! I see market gaps like gaps in fences to lush green fields and i am going to use my network and brand ambassadors to really push this bot out there.
It will have the functions of bsc trending such as the automated booking of slots etc. There will be 16 BSC slots, half of which will be BSC and half ETH to start with, tokens will pay for trend not places and how high up you are in the trend is down to your last hours MC increase or decrease. We will begin with free 6hr slots to any dev who adds the bot to his comunity also offering an option to book a call or other marketing services from me direct through the bot.
BSC trending are making $35k a day from bsc trending slots, assuming all are paid. Image how fast supply will decrease if we are buying tens of thousands a day in buybacks and burning forever!

GOAT platform/Marketing services

Our platform is the heart of GOAT brand and will house all our UTILITIES, services and features. Including showing the trending tokens of our TRENDING BOT in a trending section. Giving much more exposure to the trending projects.
GOAT platform will have a lot of users due to our NFT game, promotion of tokens and booking of services. The more people train their goat the more chance they have of winning their next race, so this will encourage traffic to our platform and that traffic to spend time on there all the while being exposed to the banner ads on there. Giving them lots of impressions and making them very valuable ad spaces.
There will be several tabs on the homepage including a 'launchpad' tab which will redirect you to our partner VNETWORKs platform and launchpad. We too will have a tab on their platform 'marketing services' that will redirect clients through to our platform!

Incredible Play and train to earn GOAT racing NFTs

the good thing about goats is their horns! No need for reigns!
Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with GOAT RACING - the ultimate play and train to earn game that combines cutting-edge blockchain technology with heart-pumping action!
There is so much to write about here that it needed it's own whitepaper.

A mass adopted TG bot that takes a well known feature in the space

It's an all new bot idea and we don't want it leaked! But trust me when i say the potential is as big as bsc trending itself. Taking a well known feature in the space and taking it from an ordinary none marketing feature and turning it into a powerful makreting tool. I have spent 2 years (ever since bobby buy bot landed) Trying to think of that mass adopted TG bot idea.

Partnership with VNetwork and their launchpad and locker

This is a very exciting partnership that really fits like a glove for both parties. enabling us as a unit to offer everything a dev could possibly need to create, launch, grow and moon their project. Including my full assessment and advisory service. I will be their official and on,y marketer providing services to the clients who launch with them.
Together we will grow our communities into a powerful army full of support for clients launching on their launchpad and taking my services.
We already have an army of ambassadors in place BEGINNING to bring exposure and awareness.

GOAT Tools Marketing Plan

Phase One

Phase 1 will focus on building a passionate engaged community. The team is very active in Telegram ensuring all new members understand and believe in the project. Their excitement will help drive the project in the early stages and ensure we get a lot of exposure and awareness to what we have here.
Gaining popularity and notoriety will attract major influencers and the continued support of our utilities will show them it's a project they can't miss out on. We are constantly in talks for new partnerships with major players that will help send this project to the moon. We already have some partnerships in place and several ambassadors onboard!
Check Telegram and Twitter for announcements on our latest partnerships.
This phase of the project will also put a focus on building out the utility of the project into something our community will absolutely love and will continue to be proud talking about and sharing to their friends (plus bragging they got their ticket early).
We will be marketing all across the crypto space and out of it, we won't hold back and will be spending huge amounts on initially filling our presale and ensuring heavy buy pressure at launch but them also heavy marketing of each individual utility as it is released. we aim to draw huge exposure to all what we do and have our platform become a real fun central crypto hub

Next Phases


GOAT Tools Token Tokenomics

Smart Contract (Ethereum Network):

Token Info
Supply Details
  • Total Supply: 100M
  • Private Sale: 30%
  • Liquidity Pool: 50%
  • CEX Reserve: 10%
  • Team & Development: 10%
  • Buy & Sell Tax: 9%
  • Liquidity: 1%
  • Ambassador Rewards: 2%
  • Development: 2%
  • Marketing: 4%

Token Facts

Our taxes will be lowered as we grow with the aim to be on a total of just 3 or 4% in the near future on buy and sell.

GOAT Tools Token RoadMap

Version 1.0

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